Thursday, November 7, 2013

Today Council - Dissaving Mass Killer

…  "Saving the country and the Syrian people is the utmost priority, power comes next,"… she said. She said: "Whatever the Syrians agree to is fine but there should be no foreign or regional interference in the will of the Syrian people."…

You know 2011 March,  Syrian people decided their own future already, knowing their Syria is better off without criminal Assad,  so they went out to the streets and demanding of ending  the criminal family 40 years  rule,  and what they have get?  This  unimaginable inhumanity brutality a mankind of crisis: THIS,  and THIS ... et al… this person, it appears that lived long enough and wise enough, able to see which side has  bread and butter… she should advise the mass killer that he should pack his head and run before his time is up!  How can anyone imaging after all of this atrocity, this mass killer Assad able to sustainable his power. He shouldn't worry about how Syrian people decide their future, they have already decide a long ago, the will of Syrian people clear and loud  "Syria, without Assad!"  The mass killer he loves Syrian people so much; he poured poison gassed on them,  airstrike on them with bombs, shelling them day and nights breathlessly, and drive them out from their own country...stave them with love..." Yeah "...Saving the country and the Syrian people is the utmost priority..."  Then he knows what he has to do!