Saturday, November 30, 2013

US Dumping Criminal Assad CW At The Sea!

The Sea is not criminal Regime CW dumping ground!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The US will destroy the most dangerous of Syria's chemical weapon stockpile on a ship at sea, the world's chemical watchdog says.

"The neutralisation operations will be conducted on a US vessel at sea using hydrolysis," the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons said in a statement.

"Currently a suitable naval vessel is undergoing modifications to support the operations and to accommodate verification activities by the OPCW," the watchdog added.

This most hideous criminal Assad is not only destroying 23 millions' Syria for himself,  the despicable unsc 5ps is supporting and negotiating this unspeakable criminal, not only that they destroy our sea as a dumping ground for the criminal's toxin weapon! The world should know dictatorships are more dangerous than any other criminals or terrorist groups. As Assad is!

UPDATE:  The filthy mind of, the dummy unsc 5ps, comes up its best solutions of polluting our sea by the criminal Assad's  CW, where is sources of our food and our future  generations', instead removed him from the power! Why so complex for? Just removed this criminal from the power! BTW what is unsc's Charter?