Sunday, November 3, 2013

Scheming U.S

US-Saudi relationship status: It's complicated The weapondollar-petrodollar coalition of interests best describes US and Saudi 'special relationship', writes Levine.

After decades when the core components of US and Saudi strategic policies were more or less in sync, the United States is suddenly not playing by the Saudi playbook. It won't give the Syrian resistance a blank check; it is daring to consider softening its stance towards Iran; it has dared to criticise, however mildly, Bahrain's crackdown on the country's majority Shia population; and finally the Egyptian military's reassertion of its political primacy with the removal of President Mohamed Morsi this past summer.

This will not do, according to long-serving Saudi Ambassador to Washington and present National Security Chief Bandar bin Sultan, who is warning that his country will make an “major shift” in its relations with Washington if the Obama Administration doesn't come to its senses soon.

Many are imagining that the sudden emergence of fracking has so increased US domestic reserves that the time will soon come when it won't need Saudi oil and the messy relationship that comes with it. But this is most likely wishful thinking; first because the US has never depended on the Saudis for its own consumption. Second, because it's still not at all clear that the reserves recoverable by the new technologies will be anywhere near the predicted amount of resources discovered. And third, because the US-Saudi relationship has always been about a lot more than oil, with military and strategic considerations playing an equally important role in the past 60 years.

International politics, ofcourse everyone work for their own interests, so should be.  But knowing we are living complexity, nature of problems solving is endless problems itself…,  but when people want to change their destiny from long period of time suppressions and dictatorship, that international community should stand for their side,  Syrian people,  this great people,  they had to deal with this unimaginable  brutality because they want to change one family dictatorship  rule 40 years.

Mr Kerry is flipping around his molding smiles on middle east and saying that U.S stands up for them -- I love  you all, that mean I love me more than anything else-- as when time comes… they will change again!  Word of circus game! Who can blames them all blame yourself!