Saturday, November 2, 2013

Mass Killer Assad Lies

‘Nonsense’ From Assad

To the Editor: of Syria says support for the rebels fighting his government is blocking a deal to end the country’s civil war (news article, Oct. 31). I hope that no one takes such nonsense seriously. 
For the last two years, Mr. Assad has been shelling civilian areas, preventing food and humanitarian assistance from reaching his country’s citizens, facilitating ethnic cleansing and firing sarin gas at civilians. Tens of thousands of civilians have been killed, and millions have fled as refugees. 
The notion that supporting or arming his moderate opponents committed to a peaceful and inclusive Syria is preventing peace in Syria is simply ridiculous. Mr. Assad needs to go — and he must be brought to trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity. 
Washington, Oct. 31, 2013
Last few years mass killer Assad has been survived his life by everything imaginable  lies cheat  propaganda and ofcourse atrocities and also sucking Russian's foot... he even grows his own "patriot opposition" for his rainy day. He has been saying he is the only criminal can save Syria from his own destruction. That is true!  Syria, without Assad!