Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fling fling

She looks like a horse, her face is a screw-up railroad! A woman told me about her husband new girl friend. I met few women whose husbands left them to another women; they all said their husband “the another woman” were much older uglier than they are. I believed this is true because “beauty is eyes of the beholder’ as same as “ugly is the eyes of the beholder” too. As all the wives eyes the husband snatchers ugliest as hell. You can imagine lay in bed their husband burning with another woman, o man this is gone mad make you insane, you deserve become a bitter guillotining tongue and poisonous lethal clews, herbicide gorgon head and go after the assshole scumbag of yours and the whore. Or you do the same, go for young thing, how about your son’s friends! I understand, don’t you? you benediction yourself go after him, saying “this fucking son of bitch of mine fucking with the whore!” O man O woman this going make you mad! Forgiveness? AhH! A wife says forgives their husbands, this mean she lost, well she doesn’t have much choice! Who cares forgiveness while you are in burning! When people love other people there is more than just a fling I think. Why not be just being a human before a husband or father or wife or mother. You have an entitlement of passion or love whatever you call it. choice is yours, whether you stuck with fat ugly old spouse years years together and goes together with a graveyard, under the marble tombstone, token of your children’ gratitude for their nice inheritance. Or free as a butterfly; flower here flower there and end of the day, commune on dazzling fire bed, turn into a tuft of ash, sprinkles around a harlotry red desert and mating sunset forever. Anyway, this is purely personal level I am talking about. Great to see people with fling a passion of their life, that is not crime surly. Whatever objective they love people must have mad passion. We need more fling, yes that is right fling! Bit loss yourself be yourself. You are the nature they changes all the time all season in our souls, our souls should not hammered down by some buggery fundamentals. Fling fling good for your soul!

P.S. By the way I deeply utterly pity on people saying that their only crime is a parking ticket; 20km zone goes wit of 10km, slowly softly loosely, you have porous aptitude for doing this or no Grecian golden hammer nailing down their sexual adventure, what a loser! Another by the way, don’t get it wrong I am just saying right!