Saturday, June 13, 2009

I Was In A Painting

A rough dark thick wooden table with simple chairs around. What a lovingly handcrafted! I said to myself. Bit of Rembrandt-ish shade and colors, sagacity of moodiness you can found these a secondhand dealer, a dark dingy room if you are lucky. Somewhere a wood. O no, a foothill at near a forest, dark moored mood with aloofly melancholy extended into. Not clear very tangible ethereal. Your mood drown to, yes Rembrandt-ish or van Beijeren-ish dark precision in an indecisively feel at home, safet and comfort; I was invited yes I was a guest, with group of people, but they were not my friend but all of them come to the occasion. Distant terms, not unfriendly. It might have been a wedding party. Where I was sitting, there is a red jacketed small old book, like one of the beautiful weathered old thing, inside full of crazy old stanzas, was thinking that it was a rare beauty so I took it put it front of me, possessively. There was an announcement for ready for a buffet. We went a buffet table; a distant from where I was sitting to the table. Scenery changed dramatically, it was no longer near wood but actually we were inside dark wildish wood. At the table, a large number of different berries; grapes and huge blackberries were at the banquet table. No food. I didn’t like the top layer grapes so I had a beneath huge blackberries. I took some of them, they are not a blackberries but a sort of cake. O this is not food I murmured myself. Was thinking that I was inside of one of Baroque era painting, perhaps inside of a van Beijeren's kind of!! Yes I was part of painting, who was I then? Yeah perhaps I was a weird invisible devil who ate all these berries off your track, thriving!! Be aware!!

p.S. O BTW it was my dream of course!