Monday, June 8, 2009

Risk Free - Always Two Life Jackets

Some of books I have read, the authors dedicated their work to their wives sincerely nobly or may be fusion of wellington boots; my beloved wife, to our wives, to my family, to my wedded wife…etc as if their obligation. Yes perfectly right they can do whomever they like. But no one, seem though if not many: to my beloved lovers or my beautiful enchanting wife or my warlike sword tongued wife or my nasty tempered ugly face a snoring wife etc. Not even my pet dog or cuddly cuddly possessive clawed cat, my duchess orchid or my warm blanket or my coffee cup O yes my music… Honestly all the work they have done, not inspired by their nagging ugly wives surly. In public they all show a risk free guaranteed happiness. Showing they lead a gallantry happy family life. Love to death! Here is the question of testing how much you love your splating grouted wife! A Titanic scenario, you have only one life jacket, would you give it to your wife and to prepare yourself to a voyager of dark ocean floor or you let her sinking to a kingdom of her moon place? I asked Alan about this question many many times over, he answered me the same without any hesitation, honorably smoothly clearly “yes I will give you my life jacket! For sure thousand times over, sure of it! But I will get another one myself from the deck no problems! Firmly sealed. Then he says “I will make a record so that next time when you ask me I will turn on the recorder so that I am not have to say it again!” Anyway, all they are saying is that their broken record works are done by inspiration of mate of ashes or full teethed skeleton holding each other tightly few meters under their decamped tombstones.You take half I take half! We have perversely perfect congenial contract so half of your work is done by me etc… Be inspired by your winding sheeted wifely face!!