Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Universal Dumb!

Sun sun who is most stupid person in the universal? Planet asks sun,
Wind of course, he doesn’t know a direction, blow himself all the time everywhere whenever he has seizers, he is a silly bugger! Sun replied smugly.
Then planet goes to wind and saying.
Wind, sun says you are the most stupid unreasonable idiot in the world!
Well the universally dammed son of bitch sun!
Why on earth sitting his burning folly fended ass on boiling you up, high and dry you up day and night! Leave you guttered in a gutter!
He is a nutcase, he is a pecan nut I hate his gut! I rid him up a psycho mixer and blend him up; agitation wretched toady fagots and make a hallucination pie! I served with myself stormy sea-line, melting rock and chewed and crunched him with my sharp teethed vengeance! Then he will banish our sight forever! Hoping….! Wind flipping and hissing his wings and claim voice over planet.
Then planet turns her face to sun and saying; sun, wind says you are the most madcap dammed son of wicked universal! He says he will chew you alive and spite with dammed thunderstorm!
Well you, a little boiled tart, waste dump of the universal, you are go between a whistle blower, doping everyone so you are the most nasty dumb, a smelly dammed, fat ugly harlot of universal, begotten billons mania, paranoia children, feed them infestation of delusions and parasitosis.