Sunday, August 30, 2009

Korean, Foster-Care Abandoners’ Conscious

What a co-variance of correlation of adoptees’ statistical pelican dancing steps! Looking at this boring as hell article! from Greg Mankiw blog! What a surprise surprise! Twist the faith of abandonees are turning up as guinea pig at a pick up line! O men Korean are making every opportunity for their golden foot prints around world of statistical line of ∑Ơµ∞ and correlation blua blau! HU Haaaaa!! High powered Confucius vintage-backbone badge comes to life to an international market for adoptions. Abandonees and abandoners all come together one heck of brain-drain statistical variance party. Korean abandonees American adoptees! Wow full-feeling cycle come to international human exchange market for green buck! Canonization of their findings of a jaw-jarring dropping blood lines, saturated into your own flesh blood vein only!

So here Korean orphans for intentional market for buck! Keep them internally, lots of social costs you know! cost wise, put them into airplanes and packaged with a parting happy jolly line “Made in Korea” well it will hunt you back for sure with guilty and shame someday. But thing is that we don’t know mean time what we have shamed ourselves for. No “pang” no guilty at least for while. Feel great for getting rid of unwanted; out of sight out of mind! I don’t want to know, well they are not mine own flesh blood who cares if they go for other countries. And some are lucky and some are less fortunate that grow up with deep wounds as their medallions of their life! Well that is too bad! Good luck to rest of them and then when these abandonees grow up, they can come back to their birth county to contribute for their own abandonment! Amazing numbers still of 300- 400 of them per annum. Korean children are quite demand. Some creepy reasons! Korea has been so busy to increase its pocket size since the war and forget to increase our feeling feeling. We don’t even bother educated ourselves for thinking of ditching the goddammed “my own flesh blood line” thing. Instead the old utter useless gadget, glued and binding into our copious dead triads, great dear bloodline – salute! Selfish gene expansion strategy! Unwelcome, an impious social ejaculation for user unfriendly! O yes bloody deep, creeping lifeless bugs ingrained into a backbone of their foster-care conscious. Well creepy stuff will be garbled their diabolic belief to parallelize their collective conscious soon or later surly! Korean feeling size and pocket size moves opposite direction in this regard. Which is could be feel relief today but they will be sorry for tomorrow. Then what happens, a society doesn’t have moral responsibility of their own kind? Now we have been so busy increasing our pocket for survival from the ashes, we now should spend on our time for little thinking and feeling. Not that easy to ditch a centuries old rusty medallion. Which born into your vein and sitting your conscious and conducting your whereabouts, but please could we have some feel our own kind? Generous to our own kind? Stop export “Korean children” to aboard! We need to grow up. Take our responsibility to bring them up our own hands instead depend on others! Surely not difficult things to do as now! Well Young Sun, you tell yourself first “What you do not wish for yourself, you must not ask other people to do! This is an ancient line but still nicely sitting your bench for nibbles your thought away Though…

Additional reminds, don't forget click last bottom bit" this paper" and also read this Korean adoption history too so you know what I am talking about