Saturday, April 26, 2014

Wild Flower

Thinking of the morbid Korean ship sinking and so many children were buried the heartless sea,  mothers and fathers’ traitorous agony,  lost their heart at the sea, their  unbearable lonesome bloody wails torn between silence horizon and surly are waking up for some collective Korean consciousness. Should ask themselves,  the economic power can not only provide a maturity of democracy while people safety issue so primitive and   still officials’ rotten briberies  are deep seated social order as acceptable  cosy foundation and  aisle of safety net both business and officials expenses of the people’s life. Wonder how could they waste so much time for not doing anything until too later. Some years back when Australia introduce Work Places Safety Act that was weighty mighty stiff stuff,  now every Australian own work place safety, can not afford not safe because all the people so well knowledge of what is not safe in their work place and simply it is habits. Like brash your teeth and gargles.  But you can imagine the country as whole how much economic benefit from the work places safety,  that is smart thinking. The smart country they invest people and looking after their people wellness first and then ask them work and play hard and then demand pay tax hard. That is why the smart country mentality mandatory of work place safety…save money increase tax revenue.  I am bit cynical and nasty in here about the smart government of scheming increase its tax revenue by safety workplace act. If Korea has mandated rigorous work places safety act like Australia all these precious teenager lives are not buried dark cold sea. Economic power only can not take you where ever you want to be but healthy happy society is propers prosper and it can take you where you want to be! Also Korean suicide rate is one of the highest among OECD countries. Wonder why? I know why!