Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Climate Change

reducing our personal impact by considering the emissions implications of our every action, switching to
accredited Green Power, drying clothes on the line, getting on a bike, installing a gas-boosted solar hot-water system and
claiming the rebate, working from home, purchasing local fresh foods, using the broom to sweep and not a blower, setting
thermostats as close to room temperature as possible, composting food scraps and garden waste, turning off appliances at
the power point rather than using stand-by, using post-consumer recycled paper in the office and the toilet, teleconferencing
instead of meeting, turning lights off, using safe alternatives to hazardous chemicals, fully loading clothes washers before
running a cycle, buying only as much food as we use, replacing burnt-out incandescent and halogen lights with long-life
fluorescent lamps, car pooling, using natural light as much as possible, buying secondhand or recycled, using the lowest
fuel-use car as possible, printing out only when necessary and using both sides of the paper, choosing products in minimal
packaging, purchasing the right-sized high energy star rating appliances, taking the train or bus
insulating Read More SOU TH A U S T R A L I A’ S G R E ENHOU S E S T R AT E G Y

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