Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Where The Golden Goose is

Yuriko Koike’s article from Project Syndicate –
TOKYO– Despite the relentless shift of global economic might to Asia, and China’s rise as a great power – the central historical events of our time, which will drive world affairs for the foreseeable future – America’s focus has been elsewhere. The terrorist attacks of 2001, followed by the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, the Great Contraction of 2008, the Arab Spring, and Europe’s sovereign debt crisis, all diverted the United States from helping to create a lasting structure of peace to accommodate today’s resurgent Asia… 
What Asia most needs today is a well-conceived regional system, embedded in binding multilateral institutions. A “Trans-Pacific Partnership” between Australia, Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the US, and Vietnam to govern supply-chain management, intellectual-property protection, investment, rules on state-owned firms, and other trade issues – likely to be announced in Hawaii – is a good start in the economic sphere. But much more is needed. 
Ultimately, the best way for peace to prevail in the region is for the US and China to share responsibility for a regional order with Asia’s other powers, particularly India, Indonesia, Japan, and South Korea.
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So clearly where the future economic power is, the emerging economy is, the Asia pacific ream. Least foreseeable future next few centuries the economy power house is the current emerging economy.  Demographic; education and population and all other mean.  US focused on these Middle East and Western and Central Asia was because of their acquisition of resources. China  has been  the old silk road which is a great success to extent to the African continent.  Recent US involvement in Libya was one of the great successes. As the  Yakee demonstrated  they are not  “Kangho Kangho” bully big brother but powerful ( there is reasons behind this ) or sophisticated   enough  sit backseat let the French and UK at the front driving seat. In Libya,  Yankee contribution( relatively short and small compare to US has been spending elsewhere i.e. Iraq and Afghanistan) will be, well reward for their mutual beneficial relationship. Most Libyans thankful to US’s help for their freedom –The new prime minister is US educated-- That is all about smartness.   Yes US involved Iraq and Africanise Afghanistan is costly and headache, beneath façade there are lots of hostility toward “Yankee”. I think it is time US really serious focused on Pacific Ream, for their smartness,  where the golden goose is next centuries.