Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pecan Pie and I

I love pecan pie, I am not sure why, but crunch crunch melt into my mouth and I can eat whole lot. I am not regrets that is I am and my pecan pie is. I treat myself, sugary bit weight forget it that is all gone out of window. Fleeting moment only pecan pie and I. The nice taste and small, take away whole my soul and heart.

Picutre from NYT
Sometimes back, I brought pecan pie and went to a bench (mind you I don’t eat food in public), while I was having it there is nice music my ear and sunset O yes sunset set his holy face to the dusk amazing smile was giving  away to his night so, I chocked myself and  taste of  pecan pie was bitter but nicely bitter. Thinking of things…,    heart and soul to pecan pie fleeting  

By the way pecan pie goes with a nice glass of red, try it very nice indeed! Money back guarantee!