Thursday, November 17, 2011

Freedom And Democracy Are The Fundamentals

"The currents of history may ebb and flow, but over time they are moving decidedly, decisively in one direction," he said. "History is on the side of the free - free societies, free governments, free economies, free people. And the future belongs to those who stand firm for those ideals in this region and around the world."

You know if you have firm ground you can actually play a bully big brotherly game. What Yankee-Nato alliance has done Libya I am so grateful because   all the Libyan get free freedom in their life forever.  The world bit weary about ever growing strong presence of  China at the  Indian Ocean water and else where. While Yankee carried their trillions dollar( do Yankee way a huge scales)  mission both Iraq and Afghanistan, China has been expending their trade blocs along with Silk Road, access all the natural resources for their need to grow two digit economy and food supply for feeding billion people. There should check and balance power.  

This is bit of side story,  I think Ms Gillard poll is boosting. Do you think (obviously they have very good relationship Aussi and Yankee always have been cuddling relationship!)  Gillard asked  President Obama that; “Hello Barack can you help?  My poll every bottom pit, can you come down for short time and boosting my poll?”  And Obama would says  “ O Julia, no problems I can be handy what is good thing about mate, sure I will come down! “  

Yankees are amazing, they give amazing power to their executive and same time put them into a glass bowel ever scrutinizes their every movements during in their office terms. Every Yankees  are ready in their impeachment pick line in their garage.