Thursday, November 10, 2011

We are Janus

Dani Rodrik from Project Syndicate

Euro problems essentially leadership problems. Need a strong leadership , who able to tell stroy that emphasizing nationalism “without overtones of nativism and xenophobia.”
As my Harvard colleague Jeff Frieden has written, this paved the path for two distinct forms of extremism. Faced with the choice between equity and economic integration, communists chose radical social reform and economic self-sufficiency. Faced with the choice between national assertion and globalism, fascists, Nazis, and nationalists chose nation-building.
Fortunately, fascism, communism, and other forms of dictatorships are passé today. But similar tensions between economic integration and local politics have long been simmering. Europe’s single market has taken shape much faster than Europe’s political community has; economic integration has leaped ahead of political integration...,

Woah, that can be challange, there is anyone in history of this kind of political leaders? We human are basically fear of strangers, it is a human nature, human being are instintiviely agaisnt others that are differenct than they are. Gee, telling people you are wrong becuase you fear of strangers, that can be diffiuclt! I need my old blanket, thinking of how familietity so comfort! Nice sweet rose smell, cool story starry night, lovely voice lullabies… Hey just moment but we are Janus! I want to see the horizons, how far it is! It would be see wonderful see other side of world, to meet nice people felling in(out) love…

All this euro problems everywhere  desist euro diseas, there is no magic potion for sure!