Sunday, November 27, 2011

Moon At Dark Night

Images are from Google
Last few days I have been constantly thinking of midnight seascape, pitch dark sea where is a ghost is standing at a bay she is tenderly gazing at sea  so I searched but I could not find something I like but instead of these. They are acutely very beautiful darkness, all the things in there  to clarify. When you are in the dark you can see more Cleary. Moonlight o yes illuminate moonlight moonbeam is bathing her rite in her ocean, wearing with dark silvery boot walking softy watery land. Naturally she lives at night when night is pitch dark, not many people able to see her becase they are all busy to sleep, so when she wake up walking with her  splendor dark nightly gown, so no one but her lovers only see her.   Her hair is pitch dark and her face is shining white she has so many pearly stores in her treasure box and selling endless evil eyes lucky stories to stars.