Friday, November 18, 2011

Heads of Feelings

The PM and the President appeared to have an affectionate relationship, said Michael Kelly.
Ms Gillard fawned over the President and looked like she was going to cry during Mr Obama's address to Parliament yesterday.
"It's amazing how Gillard looks at him," Mr Kelly said.
"It almost looks like he is her hero."
Mr Kelly said the event was also likely to have brought back fond memories of Ms Gillard's emotional speech to the US Congress in March, when she choked up on revealing the 1969 moon landing made her believe the US could do anything.
The President appeared less comfortable with Tony Abbott, raising his head when the Opposition Leader spoke.
I think everyone bit of envy that is all. I think not only the PM but rest of media crew too. Well mind you, a kittle called a pot black. But sadly their in a glass bowel  they can not mischief even if they have some kind feeling each other for sure. But it doesn’t’ matter as long as genuine that is good for us. Ms Gillard  should not forget her role, because if she had bit of infatuation she may be compromise our interest, but as long as she keep us in her mind she can play.  We need alliances, democracy and  powerful is always better  dark unknown. Mr Abbott will be right there too male kind of revelry.   Anyway stop tongue wigging as long as they are doing their job and bring the home with  heaps of jobs their private feelings their own freedom.   

I have been thinking we are all incredible feeling about Apollo 11 Moon landing.  I think fair to say that is not only USA achievement, but also all humanity achievement, how we human are so we can be  ingenious creative.   We should give Yankee a huge credit that. Going to moon is not something of going to your local market for sure. Every times I look at the moon, I think of how a great human species is. We are indeed very smart species so proud of ourselves.