Friday, November 4, 2011

The Best Person Should Get the Job

"We don't want a Party of God here in Libya, like Lebanon or Afghanistan," Omar Salem el-Ghaied, the deputy head of the Misrata military council, said, referring to Hezbollah and the Taliban. "We want to build a state on normal, modern organizational terms. The best man for the job [of leading the national army] would be a man who is a patriot with skills and experience, not someone who counts how many times he prays each day."…
I like that I thought the Chairman of NTC, he is been in that position because of he plays to the God so many times a day! I might be wrong! Anyway if everyone same set of objective well yes, why not they can solve problems by mutual respect and talking. But power is strange things when people smell of power they are intoxicated by  they can not get out their addiction. That is a problem.

P.S. Yeap definitely plays not prays!