Thursday, November 17, 2011

President Obama Got Lots Of Kisses and Hugs

Rick Rycroft / Reuters
"We need growth that is fair; where every nation plays by the rules; where workers rights are respected; where businesses can compete on a level playing field; where the intellectual property and new technologies that fuel innovation are protected; and where currencies are market-driven, so no nation has an unfair advantage.
Play by the rules, norms and culture. If you don’t play rules you are out. Unwritten rules are much more powerful than written rules. Written rules are enforcement but unwritten rules mind of people and essence of souls. That is why most often Nobel laureates( peace) recipient were went to jail.  We don’t do certain thing because not the law says so but that is against our essence of consciences. Ms Gillard gave him lots of kisses and hugs and sent him off lots of love cuddle cuddle,  because he plays by the rules, he is the guy who plays big rules. I think international politics all about a big guy and small guys. We rest of us what is best for us, in-between sandwich fillings,   wind blow whichever side so we go for that side.  I must say Yankee did a great job around world, plays a bully big guy, no one complaints, as long as markets there for us well what-the-hell,  not that they are angels but rather democracy, transparency better then unknown dark systems for sure. So I think Ms Gillard kisses and hugs are very worthy of affectionate (yarkk…) down under – upper head politics. Umh yeah... hoping he is not one night stand guest!! O yes he said that he will stay for long time…! Wow what a heavenly cuddling relationship! Do you think somewhere down under deep sea bed  there is a huge oil reserves? That would be nice!