Monday, December 26, 2011

Selling Smart Phone To The North Korean

Korean are Korean!

We love smart technology, smart phone to our North Korean brothers and sisters! Well Samsung killer phone well do. Hey we South, do we stop bad mouthing our North Korean brothers sisters? Yes they have done some nasty jobs. But we are bit opened mended minded about it. Bigger purpose. Right? We have a mission to selling our cool technology to 25 million market. Right market! If we want to sell our product we must stop bad mouthing our potential customers.This is our basics:

1) North Korea’ economy is failed, our brothers and sisters are staving.
2)North Korea Military want to improve the economy systems, regime can not ignored the military wishes,
3) There will be problems power struggle military and new regime.
4) Korea is essentially Confucianism country, majority of North Korean didn’t have any another system but only based on totalitarian Kim’s Dynasty. ”Juche” is certain extent evolution of Confucianism, so easily assimilated into the mess psychology.
5) Kim Jong-Un Swiss educated and young, we encourage him a new generation leaderships, change is inevitable, that should be positive change.
6) The change should comes with people basic security of their life. ie. food...etc
7) China and US want Korea remain as two Koreas, divided because of their own geopolitical interests.
8) South Korean companies actively doing business in North Korean - do Korean style!
9) Let the politics leave at power-monger stinking politicians.
10) South Korean should be bit of kind to North Korean brothers and sisters.

Share our cool technology our north Korean brothers sisters, I bet they  love  to know  our smart technology  they are far behind now so knowledge sharing is key if we can in anyway, if they want, sharing and  giving knowledge must generous to our brothers and sisters. Surly if we nice to them  how could they attacking us?

Another thing sbefore you condemned North Kims blur blur becase you want to… but reality is Kims are very smart, without brain you can not creates total totalizing totalitarian system that completely control 25 million souls. We have to that straight if we want to sell our smart-tech to 25 millions people market.
Any South Korean companies free broad band available to the North Koreans initially? Can be done easily for sure, so that any North Korean want to access let them access.