Friday, December 16, 2011

Mothers and Sons

You know mothers are woman too remember that, prior to be a mother they are first of all woman. One thing women’s undisputable  medallion is   “jealous”  that is born with, ingrain their blood stream. So women  don’t want lose  their husbands or sons to other women.  That is so great   that some  women want to their men dead  instead losing them to  other women, least that way they can have them as their own instead of lose. This is universal  theme of dark side of women’ love of their men. Traditionally in Korea there is few ways into monkhood; i) poor family they can not feed their children so send them to Temple so unburden the family ii) for orphans children for a kind of orphanages, iii)wealthy Buddhist family sons( second or third…ect sons) approached(recruitment) by  the Order, often they come with  large dowries,  iv) a grown person(s)who want to become a monk by their choice. So you see first three are not voluntaries almost no choice but the person(s) who is forced to become a monk, often very young ages, this left out the last. So you can think of how many people want to become a monk. You can ask that question. See the pictures, looking at the mothers’ attire they are all quite well off, everything become a business! Not mentioning “abusing children” in here!

Now days in Korea no longer first sons are looking after their parent, so I think smart mothers are probably preparing their own future,  by investing their sons to the monkhood before they can able to think by themselves planning their own future, by depriving them having their own family. I think the Buddhism in fertile niche in this area.

Bit more of Korean mothers;
By the way I have deep admiration Korean mothers their extra exult fearless ambition,   their contribution after war, they went everywhere, stock trade to property,  even seashore, every markets, education market  went  swing with their skirt, very savvy brain calculator  kill you off if you challenges their calculator that made the today’s Korea, but how about us? The children!  Their emotional blackmail have been  scary and powerful.  They all think their children own their own property, they don’t recognized their children right, they are completely ignored it. You ask Korean parent about their children’ right, they are complete illiterate the meaning of “children’ right”  and later life their children goes their way and having their own life they are deeply bitter…