Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hope of The Kaesong Complex

North Korean Economic Lifelines Get Back to Business

The Kaesong complex was founded in 2000 following talks between then-South Korean President Kim Dae-jung and Mr. Kim. It has stayed open during even the tensest times between the two countries, including the North's surprise shelling last year of the inhabited South Korean island of Yeonpyeong. Part of the reason is economic: With output totaling $1.44 billion in the first 10 months of the year and wages averaging $114.30 per month for workers, the complex is one of North Korea's major sources of hard currency. ...
South Korean Government  should finance back up whoever doing business at the Kaesong Complex. This is a great sauce of quality labor at low cost.  They have been for long period time one system they don’t know any other systems, they would be very hard working people.  Korean is Korean, hard workers anyway. Doing business at the Kaesong Complex save lots of money for the labor cost, just cross boarder, probably lot less than  the labor cost than doing business in South( South Korea minimum wage was US$1000 (2008)). I am not say exploitation North Korean or sweatshop but rather, difference economy difference exchange, it is comparative advantage. South has money, know-how, market and the North has the labor and land, simply exchange. Thus South Korean business much more competitive in world market.  South Korean, our generation we should more open mind about our North side people. Remember they are our own people!  Doing business with North!  Yes we are in business! That is for sure, lots of whole sale smart phones, computers etc.. into the North Korean markets I can see next year so? O man we completely   forget 25 millions  market just cross boarder!  We don’t care politics we care ony making money right? We are in business right? Why Some South Korean Universities offer scholarships to North Korean students come to learn some nice technologies.  

By the way if we keep crossing the boarder  will be soon wear-tear so the boarder won’t be there too long for sure