Thursday, December 15, 2011

Crack the Beauty

The Master Kusan death verse is

As the leaves of fall burn more crimson than the flowers of spring
All of creation is completely laid bare
As living is empty, and dying too, is also empty
I go forth smiling, within the ocean-like absorption of the Buddha
This is one of most beautiful great poem, but thinking again again this is clearly deceiving me. He says spring flower is ugly and autumn leaves are more beautiful. I find spring flowers beautiful too, well I can not see all of creation is not bare, that is why we read read obsessively and wearing glass, making charts, cracking codes to find out things as all of them are hidden, living is not empty but dying is of course becase I am not afraid of living but afraid of dying for sure! Who doesn’t! He is happy because he finally becomes a Buddha, but mind you 74 years took him to find out this that is heck of long time. Probably he never gone to MacDonald, he never gone to pinball paler or nightclubs and had ice-cream, that was hard life just try to become the Buddha himself, I think his beauty model has full of winkles, need bit of polish up by visiting beauty salon; beautifying things up, injection drippings bartox and put plastic nails etc… so that you can be a super beauty. So I am asking who like to become the Buddha?

You can feel, the autumn leaves  comes to your heart choke your throat  make you cry the spring leave make you smile and happy  that is all that differentness is