Friday, December 16, 2011

Free of Yourself

Nirvana” is all about Buddhism.   Archiving Nirvana is only through one’s death. Free from everything this mean, you are not human anymore, but the God the Supreme Being, above everything. When you are become a turf of ash then you are free from everything.   O man I want to be a human, I don’t want  to be the God and become free but I want to be a human and feel the air feel the music sounds, feel sun and moon, want to see ET, want to see another galaxy we can immigrate there, may be panpal other galaxy people, do you think then our passport is our DNA  so our body is passport?  You know future human beings may looks like sexless, neither boy or girl but boygirl, few thousands years down track, the earth become one tribe, fighting another planets, the weapons would be code, beautiful code…    Anyway O I don’t want to be a turf of ash, least not yet! I want to see so many things and want to know so many things. Before I become free!  Who want to be free of everything?