Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Humble Is Dumb

I have problems with the “humble is virtue!” Always been thinking we are fraud by this rip off word and washed our brain with disparaging meanness. Mind you I was a nice girl in your age for sure. I listened everything I was told to do. I wish I could gone off the  rail much earlier, but I could not afforded to gone off rail, how could I sustain my life then. So I listened, that was why they had a great privilege washing my brain with fraud soppy “humble is virtue’. Finally I went off  from the straight rail by “ I did it my way” I found out “ humble is dumb” most stupid and self-deprecating word. In the world where we live 100% people don’t understand of the “ humble” means so, if you are humble yourself 100% people believe  you are dumb, if you are shouting loud louder you are smartest think the 100% believes, so what is gone be? So I say to you, the Buddha, Confucius and Jesus and Allah are all wrong. You are all not represented 100% but 0%. So I say to all “ Humble Is Dumb”

Rice, are you dumb?  

What a great looking rice you are, you make everyone happy even the sky!
Thank you, you great rice,  nicely healthy full of nourishment and goodness  in your heads so you vow  humbly   gracefully, you are about save the world hunger!   Are you dumb my rice?