Tuesday, December 27, 2011

North and South Korean in Business

This is from Donga, it says, North Korea wants  South bit open mined about  Mt Diamond incident(2008) and would like to continues the business!  Wiz –buzz approach!
북측 관계자가남측이 먼저 금강산 관광사업에 대해 조금만 양보해 주면 우리가 크게 화답할 있다 뜻을 전해왔다 말했다. 이어 사장은북측 관계자에게북한 당국의 뜻을 남한 정부에 전달하겠다 했다
The thing about Korean mentality, yes I am one of them, pigheadedness. I think the 2008 incident was unfortunate  but that should not mixed with business( a much bigger fish to  consider). North should learnt their lesson too. They can not fire people off bit out of course. Also if they want to improve their economy and outsiders come to see their beautiful country, spend on fortune bucks…etc,   North must give assurance to  people’ safety.  Who is going to see a death field whether they may never come back from the journey.   Ridiculous!!  I think South also bit practice on patience, like a big wealthy brother tolerantly watching over his younger brother wobbling  steps, he needs us, if we don’t help him he will go to others for a help. We can not afford to loss that chance.   

Today song!