Saturday, December 17, 2011

Rebranding Korean Buddhism

Korean Buddhism Needs Radical Modernization   

Last few decades  Korean Buddhism has been  moderated modernization, not radical  enough captures  main stream religion in Korea, i.e Christianity  thriving  in Korea. While every end of street there are Churches, for example I am talking about my family background, my mother side, they are very successful traders; they owned big factories of main cities, and if they were not preachers they  revolved around churches, had some kind of high ranking titles of accommodation of their contribution of the Church.  Sundays a big white concreted street both side has massive flowers on the way church, families dress nicely , held bibles and  very gracefully walk to the one of most beautiful small church, happy joyful Sunday gathering at the best place of city, swelling flowers wretchedly fencing.  You can hear songs bells,  the town people know that their time of the day.   On the contrary, the Buddhist temple  where is  my grand uncle resided was about half day walking distant from our house. we had  to walk through unmarked bush stone road. Lots of zigzag winding road, deep Mountain there is no sounds but only sound of silence. Cling clings and bells monks hum …etc. Really hard work for claim such deep mountain for long hours,  so we didn’t go often, once or twice for a year.   Now been thinking that is out mind out of sight. Not easily accessable to the public so Korean Buddhism make itself easily available to the people if they want to survival , the Buddda must be handy to the people. Remember Korean do everything  become a smart or known to be a smart.  
Now it is trend, people want learn meditation, also known to be medically good for enhancing increase brain capacity.  Times is exclusives commodity, people don’t have time to go the long way out side of town. Buddha has to come to town. Save people' life and time. Build meditation centers every street corner, or positioning outside of schools, saying  “ one hours meditation increase your brain power by  a megabyte to study etc… bit of harmless bullshit in here, give them what they want…you get it now? Teach them how to become Supreme Being before they die, or before they graduate university so that they have a degree and becoma a supreme being same time, Wow-how to free of themselves. You give them what they want. Don’t say you are only free from yourself when you die.  You give them a “supreme being” title after a season, short cut, peace of mind.  Brand as   a elegant religion, Korean loves exclusiveness, smart and stylish wordings, forget about meanings, just wordings.  All these well-known people now become disciples of Buddha, flaunting their unusual religions as fashion statement. So put few pictures of some  famous people  make sure, not Hollywood stars but Noble Laureates or some well known intellectuals, must be brainy that is how to get into mess of Korean people mind i.e. you can fabricate Richard Dawkins become a Buddhist—that is sensational marketing. Korean people think smart people believe that must be worthwhile to follow. I am saying in here how to brand. SO Buddha is the intellectual being