Saturday, December 17, 2011

Believe or Not

From Wikipedia  benefit from Mediation  Meditation

Meditation has been linked to a variety of health benefits. In a study conducted on college students by Oman, Shapiro, Thoresen, Plante, and Flinders (2008), they were able to demonstrate findings that meditation may tend to changes in the neurological process cultivating physiological health benefits. This finding was supported by an expert panel at the National Institutes of Health. The practice of meditation has also been linked with various favourable outcomes that include: “effective functioning, including academic performance, concentration, perceptual sensitivity, reaction time, memory, self control, empathy, and self esteem.”(Oman et al., 2008, pg. 570) In their evaluation of the effects of two meditation-based programs they were able to conclude that meditating had stress reducing effects and cogitation, and also increased forgiveness. (Oman et al., 2008)...

Here are all the religions  practices meditation, as they are many different forms of meditation, whatever method of  fancy  you take place   

Cleary you don’t need to be religious  practicing meditation, purely your own benefit if you want. I am not  enforcing anyone in here but my own experience it is working, I must say I have not being doing this for sometimes. I miss it. People spend on fortune on  weight lose pills, you go somewhere, temple( some temples are only ask donation) up to you, so this holiday if you want to loss some weigh detoxify yourself go to temples, food is good( my type of food anyway) you can see a week you can see yourself getting benefit from it.  You don’t need to be Buddhist to go temples, one good thing about the Buddhism is that,  they never enforce anyone become a Buddhist.