Sunday, November 30, 2008

Greg Mankiw's Blog: Lessons from the Crisis

Greg Mankiw's Blog: Lessons from the Crisis
In my view, the key to regulatory reform is not trying to predict the future with more accuracy but, instead, making the system more robust so that the economy functions better when the unpredictable inevitably occurs. In other words, our focus needs to be not on what will happen but on what might happen.
Another Kind of Warning System

Suggestion for the “warning system” the women monthly thing. Our body is a sophisticated machine-system. Same as all systems. You see all women, this thing ever since we human existence. Taboo? I don’t think so. It is called PMT or PMS which ever you would like to call it. Average two weeks most women suffer. This is effect on all family and work place too. OK here is, the monthly monster control her system and the warning signs are:
1) Start craving (i.e sweet thing chocolate) so start eating; it is the first stage of warning!
2) Gaining weight, water detention, sore, increase every size in your curve and pumping bit more at a gym or running few more miles, sitting at a sauna, still gaining weight( all in your mind), shiver yourself pinch your waist line, check whether any ounce of fat increase, curse on yourself being a woman. Second stage warning!
3)Start cranky and angry and looking for enemies for attacking, bitching - children and husbands are first good target, they get message and put their monthly armor-plates on ready for First Aid Kit on handy and avoid you like a flea. It is a third stage warning signal!
5) Dark moody, you are become a huge hell rising monster, everyone avoiding you so you go after them, creeping behind them and sudden attack! Saying to them why are you all hate me? Why do you not love me anymore? No you all never love me at first place! Yelling at them, saying they are all ungrateful beasts. They are all bruised and put bandaged their bruised hearts from your beastly attack! Given up on you, made you as a hopeless winner! You know than what might happen in next! It is final stage warning! Ready for blowing up!