Sunday, September 9, 2012

Why You Have to Deal With Loser

Russian suggest( criminal Assad suggestion)  about revive  old useless Genève communiqué there few reason for this;

1)      Criminal Assad ending is near- want to bidding time again - but inevitability  its ends.  
2)      FSA is clearly getting stronger and united.
3)      21 million Syrian behind of the revolution.
4)      The majorly world community supporting this revolution- international problems.
5)      Bombing on the air large of number of refugee over flowing neighboring countries become a grave humanitarian crisis so that
6)      Inevitable of international community come to together and  has to act
7)      The US election November, Russia wants to settle before the election.
8)      Russia wants using their barging power their  favorite outcome, whatever  settlement may be.

Whatever they may do it must be teeth in it, the Charter 7 must in and Assad and his few gangs has to go. This my opinion.