Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Remarkable World Peace and Security

many of our refugee,displaced kids lost one or two of their parents.the international organization talked about this tragedy,these kids experienced ultimate horror and unbearable loss.our kids...in fragile shelters,sahara camps,besieged cities,stuck on borders,butchered by knives,detained and tortured,buried alive under the rubble of their demolished family homes,amputed,starving in our besieged neighbourhoods,targed by snipers and warplanes.our kids...DISGRACED WORLD...OUR KIDS BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS,IN YOUR MOUTH,BETWEEN YOUR EYES...WITHIN YOUR SOUL.

What a captivating story of world peace and security, all this is result of  the unsc hotshots affectation to  terrorist killer assad, confidence of his evilness, honoring his wholesome killing spree. How you world watch your own kind in this shame way, how could you let this happen, you sit at the powerful hanging sleeved fat bottomed finery crafted unite rationed, a congregation of  inaptness,  motley whimsy gaited tassels,   a diction of peacock telltales  farce,  while so many innocent people tortured killed, why why?  Children, looking into your children  eyes reflect your own souls what is like to be your own fresh blood at these children? True  power is benevolent! So if you are friend of terrorist Assad you are indeed feeble disgusting powerless inhuman!   So stop supporting this evil regime and become a kind and truly powerful human!