Saturday, September 8, 2012

All Syrian United Front

Least  21 million Syrian people behind this revolution!

FSA Revolutionary made up by all Syrian they are all natural born fighters to criminal Assad  gangs

Syrian Sunnis  Muslims

FSA# God bless them always 

 FSA Loyal Palestinians to the Syrian Revolution 

"For years everyone here, Druze and Sunni, has wanted the end of Bashar al-Assad's regime," says Abu Ahmad, an elder of the Druze village of Qalblozeh, home to a fourth-century Byzantine church.

“I tell Westerners who say that we (Christians) are with the Syrian regime that we are not with regimes, we are with the state. There is a big difference,”

In March 2011 as the revolution was still unfolding, the Kurdish Youth Movement made a clear statement in support of peaceful protest against the regime across Syria. This group has considerable support and influence on the ground and is active in calling for and organising protests. It works with other youth groups, coordinating committees and activists throughout Syria and has considerable political reach within revolutionary circles in Syria.

 all Syrians to be extremely vigilant against the attempts by the Assad regime to deliberately drag the country into a sectarian civil war as a desperate attempt to justify the survival of the regime following its increasing isolation. It is no secret that the regime is desperately trying to portray itself as the protector of the Alawi community and to link the fate of the Assad family to it. In practice, the Assad regime is planning to take the entire Alawi community hostage and use it as a human shield to protect the regime from falling. Fortunately, thanks to the wisdom and maturity of the Alawi community and its leaders, many have managed to avoid falling into the cynical trap set up by the regime. Any vengeance killings of innocent Alawis can only reinforce Assad's propaganda in convincing more Alawis to support to the regime.\