Friday, July 6, 2012

'Friends of Syria'


Syrian opposition leaders are pressing diplomats at an international conference for a no-fly zone over Syria, but the US and its European and Arab partners are expected to focus on economic sanctions instead.
Hassan Hashimi, general secretary of the opposition Syrian National Council, said the international community is still moving too slowly. He said
he hopes to see a "tough stand" at Friday's so-called Friends of Syria conference in Paris, and a no-fly zone to prevent military forces "flying over defected soldiers and civilians and bombarding them.''
Russia, a key Syrian ally, is opposed to any military intervention and isn't taking part in Friday's conference. US and European diplomats are
expected to threaten new sanctions on President Bashar Assad's regime if he fails to quickly implement a UN-brokered peace plan. (  I underlined) 
Please do not waste our sleep! the World is watching again!  'Friends of Syria'  performance,  we need a NO-FLY ZONE! We want to see some cool decisions! You know if US et al want to do... they can do everything; they have money they get the power and know-how and skill... I can not believe it drags on so far!!! It is a very dangerous regional!   Criminal Assad's friends are abandoning him, make sure maximization effect - a huge French foghorn to clear the fogs - here is a huge freedom battleship about embarking on Syrian people shore!  

 Manaf Tlass, a brigadier-general in the republican guard and a son of former defence minister Mustafa Tlass, has reportedly fled to Turkey. A Damascus-based website claims to have confirmation from "a highly placed source in intelligence". If true, the defection will be a major blow to the Assad regime.

Welcome to the freedom land and free Syria!

I want to The Paris meeting outcome as: 

1)      Arming Free Syrian Army

2)      Make Russia significant TO insignificant or NON its role in Syria.

3) NO-FLY ZONE as FSA needs it! 

Among many other things…

It would be very nice if Russia  is not a member of UNSC!  We don’t care whoever gets the medallion for tyrannies around world! We want the killing stops! Yankees and its allies have incentive dethroning tyrannies around world! So what!  As long as free Syria that is all we want! Someone help Syrian people able to choose their own leader and change for better they deserve medallion!   Idea world of course we do it ourselves but sometimes it is so impossible, nothing wrong for asking some help and so we can help others in future! 

By the way after seeing criminal assad interview he knows he lost, you know psychopaths  are coward, they have no backbone to stand up  because they are such low scumbags!  



Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim al-Thani called in Paris for the Security Council to be sidestepped.
Are we able to do something outside the Security Council? Yes. Have we done things outside the Security Council in the past? Yes, and there are many examples ...
We are ready to take part in any effort of any kind to free the Syrian people of this tragedy they are in."


Every defection is our asset, whether their  ideology is  red, white or black or no color they add our asset so we can utilized them as our wining strategy 

the below is a link - I admire Syrian people's wit, even their midst of suffering!