Thursday, July 5, 2012

King of Reign

I am a golden son of earth, a brave son of Syria, a descendent King of Reign no mere man feasted with evil fettered and poisoned me, as I promise to you, I will grow, I plant ever green trees among this wounds among the sufferings, destruction in my Syria, she is strong resilience as I am we will grow together! 


#FSA# Deir Ezour 
#:Assad losses over the last 15 days in Deir Ezour

20 tanks totally destroyed
26 partially damaged tanks
24 armored vehicles are damaged and destroyed
25 Military Jeeps
6 cars for security forces
350 soldiers from the Assad Army 
60 security personnel 
12 Assad sniper Gunmen!

Allahu Akbar!!! Beautiful Report Card from Deir Ezzour!


FSA# Daraa#Mahaja

Our brave warrior has been Martyred , Mohammad Maree Hameer , he was clashing with the Assad forces in the Alqadam in Damascus, he blew himself when they had captured, due to blowing himself up he killed with him the Assad forces that captured him, among them was an Assad officer and 2 personnel and up to 20 Assad soldiers wounded,
To the highest levels of Heaven our dear Martyr, Lest we forget you! 
Allahu Akbar! allahu akbar Allahu Akbar


Commander of the Battalion Al-Mutasem - Lt Adham Abu Alheej
May Allah swt protect him always and give his Battalion and All of FSA swift Victory! 
Allahu Akbar!