Friday, March 9, 2012

The World of Precise Action

I agree with Mr McCain, need a bold action along with NATO and Arab alliance, any other “Friend of Syria” countries should involved. The regime is killing regime for innocence people, the world need to  precise action, should stop futile diplomacy, the period is past long gone, too much blood.  Yes we are living in real world, everyone has interest, while world of futile diplomacy slaying match goes on, Assad carried mess killings, that has to  full stop, the world has been asking nicely to the killer, open his door too see his killing,  or “ please don’t kill!”  soft whispers the killer eyes.  The reality is this, anyone has sound mind as; Syrian People v Assad! The Nation( 23 million people) v one killer.  Both side have no choice but now whether he is been killed or many million Syrian been killed!  The choice is you the world.  Mean while we the world should  think to  change the permanent  UN Security Council membership(5) to elective one, why  these 5 countries determined  many millions of innocence civilian lives for their own gain? You see i.e. what is Russia doing , purely its own interest, its own privilege veto power its own gain!   I don’t know but if we can or  we should change the  UN SC membership its veto systems, no one take advantage of any of their privilege for their own gain but work truly for the Charter “ the world and peace…’