Saturday, March 3, 2012

What Is Going On Homs

This From Al Jazeera blog

Teams from the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent did not enter the battered Baba Amr district of Homs, ICRC Damascus spokesman Saleh Dabbakeh, told the AFP news agency.
"No teams entered on Friday Baba Amr, and [authorities] have not allowed entry of aid," he said.
 "We are still in talks," he said, shortly after a Damascus-based ICRC official told AFP that a team went into the neighbourhood on Friday to assess the needs while negotiations were continuing with authorities to allow aid in.
Government  forces overran Baba Amr on Thursday after nearly a month of bombarding the opposition-held neighbourhood of Syria's third-largest city.

Something very sinister happen in here, no one allow to, Assad special military entered in here, what is going on? The world so much talk talk mouthful dog barking, but shaking their  tails cowardly,  they failed to protect innonence people. They refuse to arm the Free Syrian Army, they didn’t have things to protect their own people. Unbelievable, you die someday, in your position as you are powerful if you want to help Syrian people  you can, media doing a great job but world leaderships failed to so far, they failed to protect people who inspire, dreaming of  free men and women.  Hey you world, standing up firmly Assad is dead man walking Putin is  nobody.   The world must stand up firmly for the Syrian People. 

I think NATO should involved, if not Conroy word make sense, there is completely  no media in Syria Assad regime systematically goes through  towns to towns villages to villages, hunt out activists and killed them without world know about it! I think NATO should do involved with Arab countries.