Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lovely lovely stuff

Amazing how splendors this song is! When we never learned or listened this kind of song, this kind song belong to exclusively belong to foreigners who visited Korea or few older generation or performance village new year, full moon festival...etc. What a shame! So we all missed out  finest folk song, the culture...things, unless you listened from your grandparent!  We all learnt or listened brain washed by Western music, from the beginning, at  first day and first morning school, a huge speaker turn on whole town and greeting us “Beethoven Handel Bach O yes the bloody Vivaldi fours season everywhere, even department stores, gush you should never go there!… O yes the Shubert winterize  we sang our heart out at junior high school( tender age very romantic…I wonder why I  had a huge huge crashed on Goethe! Well yes still do)…, caged and brain washed, while there was no Korean folk songs… bit of shame…,