Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Crime Against Humanity -Assad

The above picture is most heartbroken, most loving, comforting and heartbroken. You can not describe any word of her immensely earthly universal love ordeal!     

"That is the legal situation. Factually there's enough evidence pointing to the fact that many of these acts are committed by the security forces, [and] must have received the approval or the complicity at the highest level," she said. ... 
 Then, why and what is reason waiting for? Why not have some action! Like Gaddafi? We can ask that question to the Commissioner! Commissioner, commissioner your ceremonial statement is sentimentally sensible!  Drops of thinnest thin air and vapours right of human!  What are you waiting for? How many more mothers have to bury their children? How many more fathers gather their children death bodies from Assad? Vagrant wordings are realm of erosion! Without irrigative mind, sandbank attests only plague!