Thursday, March 1, 2012

Seeing is Believing

(Reuters) - Elite Syrian forces trying to destroy rebels besieged in Homs pounded the shattered district of Baba Amro on Thursday, despite international alarm at the plight of civilians trapped there.

 UN Rights Council Condemns Syria Abuses

If your child or your grandchild  looks like this child what would you do? 

To the World they are  “Syrian Revolutionary”, to Assad they are “armed gangs” so you can see difference view. One thing  so clear, the world has plenty of tools to extinguish  Assad regime. Do not calculate  too much, if you calculation too much, sometimes  less knowledge is your allies.


The world must move fast, must “ to do” sense of urgency! If you are not act fast, you let down world of the  common decency and consciences, you can play politics or whatever but this is sense of urgency, acts first and think later OK! You have plenty of tool to prevent this. lots of tools, bit less thinking and less calculation just do under the banner of “world of common consciences”. Do not let yourself down as Assad level but you should be  high ground!  Then you know what you have to do!