Sunday, March 11, 2012

Love Song

I like this better!

By the way I was little, this kind of songs are one of my earliest memories, they are lullabies,  always swings wit  of air, cool summer beaming smiles joys and sorrows, stories, basically story telling, scented wild rose soap, melting blooms stone fenced shade and cobalt salty sounds, giggling eyes come to you with sound of distant and love,  funny little enliven and elfin world of wonders, always there with you, always there.  She is very elegance, yearh so her hairdo do even so familiar! Lines soft lines, you know that is finest killer lines, soft but formidability, wonder why world is so nasty, killings each and stealing each other, anyway appreciates that her finest craftsmanship!    O man, it is unbelievable touching charming so beautiful lyrics! 한글 is very elegance, I may bias but it is the most splendorous language I think, that is why Korean blood in their writing, lines liens, without split your guts,  not sense or not come into your heart! A great!!!!