Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Why Syria Needs NO-FLY-ZONE

There is still about 600 fighter jets and 23 bombing helicopter 23 at currently in Syria. So far FSA destroyed 17 fighter jets and 18 bombing helicopters still need No-Fly-Zone. The precise  things. Now millions displacement people and overflowing refugees,  is biggest  humanitarian crisis. You have to looking what is cause. The most of refugees from the recent weeks are airplanes and helicopters bombings, increase death toll around 5000 – 7000  August alone since the airstrikes.

The below is Syrian Refugees Figures ( I have different figure  much higher than this, but nevertheless overwhelming)


Here we  quickly walk thought what is happening what is cost for the world at glance as:  

i)                    Around $1-2 billion(Jordan government asked $700 million of 200,000 refugees - very basic cost) need to cope with neighbouring countries refugees alone  now but- That is ongoing and increase -if the conflict is not stop - refugee will be increase so need more money. So cost more to the world.
ii)                  Have to stop people fleeting from their homes town, cities, criminal Assad deliberately airstrike breadlines schools residential areas.   
iii)                The regional instability to lead global instability.  No one interests.
iv)                Assad-criminal ship is sinking ship, he lost his battle  physically and mentally. Especially mentally, that is why they are very verbal.  
v)                  So If the world not come not come to together and make a decisive action that may be drag on, but  that doesn’t  make  the criminal win, Syria situation will be mayhem. Cost for the world community much higher. Syrian people won;t give up their battle until criminal Assad's  final. 
vi)                Iran  knows now criminal Assad ship sinking ship, so Hezbollah and so do Russia. Surly these guys  and the revolutionary tied knots for marriage of conveniences.
vii)              The world should  worry about really extremist extremists take advantage of the situation or FSA so fed up not enough weapons they will take whatever whoever they can get help.
viii)            Arming properly FSA .
ix)                Cost of all the variables, ripples effect on world economy, of destruction, cost of building New Syria, Syrian people, majority of them are young age, lost educations, health  and the cost of cater for the refugees more expensive than the cost of,   
x)                  The NO-Fly-Zone, which  is absolutely essential and cost effective solution  to the world!