Saturday, September 8, 2012

Our Nature

When I was  little child  my favored subject was biology, or living things, I excelled, mind you, magical stuff, think of  my obsession of living or dead things, there is ghost story too, basically come from my childhood, some people says my kind of interest spooky bit but when I was surrounded by  all the things that ceaseless movement nature, I was grown up with them as part of my life  as they are all my friends,  everywhere ,way to school  way to back to home so many interesting plants flowers insects  so many I know where mass butterfly population breeding nest and gorgeous snakes. Radian sky charming clouds, moon at the daylight sky star nested mikyway, there were legend of stars. I mean full on. There were birds nests, purling eggs baby birds, naughty  snakes claim tree to steal these eggs, go somewhere and come to back again for breeding season, you know birds know you,  when they come back they let me know their returns, chirpy chirpy...I knew lot of the birds each of  their nests years becase I feed them of course.  Typhoon season worries me,  huge trees fallen off bird nests broken,  that was upset me deeply but I learned that was part of our nature.  You never tired of these surroundings. I din’t like winter very much because so barren, all these my friends were not there I can play with I can read long lined books warms inside  but that is not me anyway, now I learned appreciation  of winter with its fortitude… much

This is more narrative about butterfly