Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Dear Syrian People Never Give up HOPE


Mounting Pressure on the Syrian Army Assad  Army

The army's fate hinges on several questions. First, can it win using the strategy it has employed thus far, which focuses on wearing down the opposition? After a year of combat, that seems unlikely. The armed opposition is in fact growing in numbers, scope of action, sophistication, and intensity of operations.

Second, can the army adapt by finding new ways to use its resources? Here too, its ability seems limited. This is partially a function of the regime's approach to the conflict as a whole, which rules out a meaningful counterinsurgency strategy -- no "hearts and mind" campaign would stand a chance of separating the majority Sunni population from the FSA. Another reason lies in the nature of the army itself. With effective command in the hands of loyalist generals and regime thugs, there is not much prospect for serious analysis of the challenges and implementation of realistic solutions. Operations and tactics appear stale and unimaginative, and many actions are poorly executed. The army wins by mass and firepower, not by adroitness.

When you are looking at the face of Free Syrian Army and Assad Army, their farcical expression. completely different, FSA proud they know that they are legitimate in eyes of the world and Syrian people and Syria! FSA is the national army of the Syria!   Syrian army is a degraded demoralized bunch owned by Assad gangster, they become protecting criminal regime against their own Syria.

I made strike-through as they don't deserve to be called Syrian Army as what they have been doing  to their own people and their own Syria. 

FSA#Daraa Battalion of Mutasem Bellah! MashAllah!!May Allah swt increase them in Number and strength!

The Champions  of Syria  and Her People!