Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Warrior’s’ Magnificent Rage

WOW what a splendorous rage!  He is magnificently pissed off the world of hypocrisy and stupid that is all that is why!  Syrian people  are going to win!  Fire in their vein! Boiling injustice!  Who aren’t! Video clips so gruesome so I can not post in here directly but you click in here watch the revolutionary blazing rages of the criminal Assad insulting and  violation human dignity in this manner. His awesome rages is a work of art, his fireball voice  hit all the hotshots ears eyes… feel stop stuffing things around… Via  FSA

The Warrior says: Good morning world, greeting from Homs!  Here is Kofi Annan’s peaceful morning start with Bang bang…   Well done Kofi Annan!  Well done Kofi Annan! This is your work of art!