Monday, April 30, 2012

Waiting US Leadership

While Syria burns, Obama stands idly by- from the Chicago Tribune
I kid you not. A board. Russia flies planeloads of weapons to Damascus. Iran supplies money, trainers, agents, more weapons. And what does America do? Support a feckless U.N. peace mission that does nothing to stop the killing. (Indeed, some of the civilians who met with the peacekeepers were summarily executed.) And establish an Atrocities Prevention Board. …
But that's false. It's not the only alternative. Why aren't we organizing, training and arming the Syrian rebels in their sanctuaries in Turkey? Nothing unilateral here. Saudi Arabia is already planning to do so. Turkey has turned decisively against Syrian President Bashar Assad. And the French are pushing for even more direct intervention.
Instead, Obama insists that we can only act with support of the "international community," meaning the U.N. Security Council — where Russia and China have a permanent veto. By what logic does the moral legitimacy of U.S. action require the blessing of a thug like Vladimir Putin and the butchers of Tiananmen Square?
If we are not prepared to intervene, even indirectly by arming and training Syrians who want to liberate themselves, be candid. And then be quiet. Don't pretend the U.N. is doing anything. Don't pretend the U.S. is doing anything. And don't embarrass the nation with an Atrocities Prevention Board. The tragedies of Rwanda, Darfur and now Syria did not result from lack of information or lack of interagency coordination, but from lack of will.
 We the whole world is waiting for US leadership in action Syria! If  US not help Syrian people who is going to help them?


Below are handout pictures, released by the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) to the AFP news agency, reportedly showing damaged buildings and vehicles following the blasts in the city of Idlib, northwest Syria:

This images is released by the Assad criminal regime, saying that they are the evidence of   explosion by “ armed terrorists ”.  I am not a forensic analysis or expert about crime scene, but this scene is not new but least few months old well settled, there is no dust but well settled well exposed skeleton damages,   the explosion is well washed well cleaned by the air is clean old well calmly settled in, clean car tire marks  on the street well settled into. The men’s facials expression is not enough emotion at the front of atrocity…so on… the criminal regime bit more creative if they want to convince the world for their true fabrication. I am just saying… that is all! 


Last few days, the criminal regime has blamed appalling to the UN Chief’s comment about stop the criminal regime violent against innocent people, now they put the UN observer general Mood's  picture in such way that, it appears, and looks like Mood is part of  the criminal government!  It is subtle display but message is clear, calculated imagery propaganda. So the Opposition do not misunderstanding this fabrication, fair open mind about this and give Mood fair go, he was born into democracy, his blood stream would be free and fair,  hoping what he can see what he can hear on the ground unbiased way from the ordinary people not only the criminal regime, that is we all are asking! But then we are not relay on his abilities to solve this conflict, remember he and his team is an observer, unarmed nothing more nothingness!