Saturday, April 7, 2012


#FSA# Abdulbasit Saroot Asks for all to help Homs, all the other Cities of Syria to take go and do their best to help Homs, hes calling on Damascus, Aleppo in particular to stand for Homs who is bleeding, who has been the prime target of all the killings and massacres,SOS Homs!

Free Syrian Army Chief asks Assad army personal to defect; from FSA:
#FSA# Colonel Riad Asahad makes a statement, to all Assad forces to defect, and join the FSA.He says its about time you realized whats going on, how can you not defect.

Yes " can you not defect?" How can you not defect, How can you not defect? 

Majority of Syrian people  want to FSA to arm, this mean the FSA is the LEGITIMATE Army of the Syria

1)“We want a humanitarian corridor and buffer zones to be set up,” near Turkey boarder, and Turkish is also very willing to help   
2) FSA  want to arms, they should be armed.

FSA is legitimate army of the Syria, a defender of their people. They are dealing Assad army with almost bare hand, they have incredible moral as  defenders of their country and their people, if they have sufficient,  enough arm they can defend innocence civilian  more effectively.  Given a circumstance they are in they carried our incredible job. In eyes of the world and eyes of the overwhelming majority Syrian people  FSA is legitimate,  Assad army is a unlawful criminal gangs, carried out  systemic atrocity and  slaughtering innocence Syrian people and their job is only protecting one criminal. 

‘Military intervention in Syria not completely ruled out’- From  Zaman