Friday, April 6, 2012

Logistic Logistic

 Logistics System  Into The Places
 “The SNC are squabbling and drafting plans for a post-Assad Syria while not getting simple logistical requirements right,” Ali fumed. “The regime cannot annihilate the revolt, but the revolt will not be able to topple it without outside support.”
This kind of thing Syrian National Council must not failed.  It is very important of moral of the front line revolutionaries whose life on the line. I think SNC should only ask international allies or “friend of Syrian people” ask them to help logistic supply chain management team.  Also work with FSA and the revolutionaries. I don’t know who is SNC but they must have system into places ( flexible) and flat structural, I think the FSA  operation is the great example of it. They formed each area or cities its own battalion, and has its own commanders. It is a nice  neat with great flexibility and  mobility it seemed, it is a superior tactical positioning, a situation like at the moment, it is a very smart operations. Some how SNC should matches their operational systems into the places like their FSA. Make sure logistic supply chain must intact.   SNC they can not afforded not to make this vital supply system into the place.