Thursday, April 26, 2012

The UN Chapter 7

As ever the video can't be authenticated but the presence of the UN vehicle would make it difficult to fake.

 Protesters were forced to take cover behind UN vehicles when Syrian soldiers opened fire during an inspection visit to the southern city of Dera'a, according to video footage from activists

The Arab League plans to call on the UN Security Council to protect Syrian civilians under Chapter 7 of the UN charter, acording to a draft statement seen by Reuters.

"The Arab League will assign its Arab representatives in the UN Security Council in the meeting set to take place May 5 to
ask the Security Council to protect Syrian civilians immediately in accordance with Chapter Seven of the Security Council
charter," the draft read.

Chapter 7 of the UN charter allows the Security Council to authorise actions ranging from diplomatic and economic sanctions to military intervention.

Teach lesson to the all tarnished stupid human in a power, without accountabilities  abusing  their  position!  Good on you whoever calling Chapter 7, there is we stand for!

This is happen where stupid criminal in power and unchecked! Assad ending is  near Syrian people victory is near! The world must act now! We will never forgive the criminal treat people in this inhuman way!