Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Irrational Economic Analysis

What a turbulent nutter economic is! Here is start, penniless Lincoln! The old man in his 200 years birthday party without have his pecan pie!

Then the new Secretary of Treasury how to fill the coffer! The Treasury become a portfolio manager and diversification all assets, don’t put egg on basket but many different basket so one is busting but still others around they can be hatched. Then the Treasury become a nasty fest for festering everyone around traps unless you do this you never know who is ripping you off and left you high and dry! You have to know everything who knows what happen in the future so never never burn the bridge either side any side or inside or outside! In any case if anything not working you always delete them and restart again! Always work from the nothing!

Here, the boiling boiler Noah’s ark, incessant wondering, staved brains guerilla warfare; battles of against their restless 21cetnry house of manic depressive minds, to build on a rescue stimulus package their own fortress brain nests. And they declare a war; front line attack, weaponry attack tank, bulldoggers, snipping, bullroarers, blood hounds, leeches fleets, latches, stalking jackknifing backbiting, kickoff, just overthrow, brains wash-wash brains. Ongoing saga, dysfunctional the house of economic, happy and unhappy, groom doom, all blames their ancestors. And they all become economical sociopathic monsters, deeply disturbed eyeballs burning in their sockets like bloodroots. Conflicted filled rage, grief strike deeply utterly disturbed this mankind of triage of current crises. If they can use their toes they can gearing up ten-fingers –toes jobs in their stormy warring keyboards – FUCK! after all life is not give but take hooray!!!!!!!!

Here is another skeleton job stimulus, great lithium, doubtless against its given duty to stimulate but how to manage, who is going to manage all the process? Leave to the deem-wited pathetic public servant in their infrastructural wrong headed system to manage! You would deadly worry, they will never progress more then one page computer screen per year, unless their fat ass is whipped by a squirrel brained entrepreneurial killer!

The running for naked congress! You can not be a congressman unless you are a naked economist! Wow humph! You don’t need a degree but naked your heart and glued on your ass on few blogs and nailed down your heel; foreplay on the blindfolded sex-manic son-of-bitch economy! Time is not your enemy but it brings a relief your dark vision!

Economical bless from the cradle, he is the product of his parental misdemeanor -of the deadly sin!

Well! Yes You can change! Of course change all the time, go flow seamlessly if not you are brilliantly stupid or unbelievably fool hardy clown but you know that an eagle with formidable clews is also foolhardy too!

The White Papers of 8 years! Still I personality don’t know what has happens what was the problems so I really can’t pin point so I can’t tell but we always have tomorrow never say never again tomorrow will come! I will tell you when tomorrow come!

I am so happy to see that everyone knows that now we are finallyall crazy! I was so worried that people can see only the king naked body but they are not saying that he is wearing majestic rob. We are all stupid incompetent creatures of doggerel, so loveable humanly creature of argumentative happy sloppy rage full fly into obit your own minuscule ego. Whooray, here is “gut instincts lead to the best decisions” great! What else? I am told I am not logical I am irrational! Do you think someday someday the very “irrational people taken over this planet? Wouldn’t nice all think irrationally called this planet irrational ET colony and we create our own irrational ET republic, the irrational economy for trust and faith! We can trust on our own irrationality of course! I am looking at my fingers now yes my ringer finger is much longer then my index fingers this mean I will be deadly success on the trading floor, heehhhe...

Yeah I want to be a trillionaire in here Aussi land! Not in Zimbabwe, it is not a sovereign state anymore!

True of fallacies are all forms of fallacies! Lives of fallacies in this fallacies world fallacies itself, therefore the world lives are fallacies! Follies everywhere so we are not arguing follies for sake of follies but follies! You always can say things that are the truth in your own word!

Economy is in a rubbish dump and in a heavenly sweatshop