Friday, January 23, 2009

Chivalry Does

We find that deficit-financed tax cuts work best among these three scenarios to improve GDP, with a maximal present value multiplier of five dollars of total additional GDP per each dollar of the total cut in government revenue five years after the shock.
A shock treatment for a schizophrenia in a mad house, hopeless state of mania hallucination paranoia; it can be either insulin shock or electroshock, I don’t think schizophrenia can be cured by any shock treatments. Only can controlling. Schizophrenia and manic depressive or any mental illness are you get from your forbears so if you have one you blame them. Anyway here an authoritative work says deficit-financed tax cuts the best shock for the severe schizophrenia economy. So we presumed that deficit-financed tax cuts is the best form of shock treatment for the current crisis; through tax cut. Both people and company, have more money in their pocket. They might spend them or stash it right away under their blanket for extra padding for comfy; no extra jobs creates for the administration, no long queue for under mercy of 9-5 infrastructural brained public servants. It is the fast most effective does, the shock engrossed happily into the bloodstream; liver to move into all body tissues, and pumping blood into the brain, to gives oxygen. It circulate through all body and work out itself and to the kidney and filtering itself out; keep what is best for the body and rest excreted out of body. It is full body work. Ok than we know that schizophrenia is mental things. Can the chivalry does control chemically imbalanced emotion and behavior? I don’t know I am not an expert in this area. Or the does can change permanently the system, so that it is more productive? Certain nerve cells are keeper of the controlling normal cell metabolism, so thought this filtering process, the nerve system worked out itself and boost its mood?